A downloadable Pix-T for Windows

Pix-T is an adventure game inspired on Geometry Dash, where a cube is living in a dark closed room and it can't escape. One day, a door opens behind he and everything starts. He follows the voice who screams he to discover the true.

Pass all the levels and survive the final boss battle. Part two is making now. More then 30 hours of gaming tryes and fails Garantized!!!

If the people thinks it is a crappy game, I understand it becose it seems like a boring game, but I haved a lot of work making this and It's a really interesting and funny game! And if you played it yet and you think it, at least, thanks for giving this game a little chance.

I plan to making a part three and four, but I don't know. Please check my youtube channel:


Music by Kire. Dedicated to BersGamer and Nocter54.

Thanks to all. Kaz Games.


PIX-T.exe 7 MB

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